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„We are in a brave new world of security threats“

We’ve seen it with police cars, industrial devices and emergency notification systems how cellular modems and routers and the devices behind them get hacked. At one time Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions were thought to be secure because they were obscure, but the world of hacking has become more sophisticated. The Heartbleed security vulnerability issue, for example, allows any sensitive data that would normally be protected by the SSL/TLS encryption even private keys, to be stolen. This has moved security threats into the consumer market. One of Wyless’ Security EcoSystem partners has as their mission, to simplify existing security solutions and put them to consumer level. The simple idea of CosmoKey was to protect the authentication process with an additional device and just one more click. That ́s how CosmoKey was born with its intelligent system and a design that the users enjoy. Handy, usable with one click of a button and easy to charge: that ́s CosmoKey.

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