Antennas are the most important component in any wireless IoT device. Antenna performance determines the range and battery life of a device. An antenna gain of 3 dB means that the transmission power can be lowered by 3 dB to cover the same distance. 3 dB less power means half of the energy consumption.

The antenna gain in the datasheet of any antenna applies under a very specific conditons. In the case of chip antennas, the values in the datasheet are always linked to a specific size of reference board. For PCB antennas with a cable, the values generally only apply in free space.

Examples for antennas

Not every type of antenna suitable for every application. Some are detuned by objects near them. Others are less sensitive. Both types of antennas will have their positive points and technical advantages in the target application.

Which antenna is the right one for your IoT application is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Crout antenna consultant, who then makes suggestions, balancing the technical requirements with the commercial needs and the reality of what can be achieved following the laws of physics.

The spectrum of possible antennas from the Crout portfolio is rich. The simplest and cheapest antenna is a self-built PCB antenna with a component cost of 0 Euros, 0 days delivery time and which is never end of life.

Unfortunately, DIY antennas are not always suitable for use in applications. For such cases, there are many options, such as chip antennas, PCB antennas with cable, flexible PCB antennas with cable, spiral antennas, stamped metal antennas and many other designs.

And if all these different off the shelf integrated antennas do not fit, Crout offers the possibility to have the antenna structures printed on plastic. This process is called Laser Direct Structuring (LDS). Such an antenna is printed directly onto the enclosure of the IoT device or onto a special plastic carrier. By using LDS, an antenna structure can become a complex 3D structure and thus gain additional installation space.

Irrespective of the extremely large scope of integrated off-the-shelf or customised antennas, Crout offers a wide range of external antennas and the expertise to choose the right one for your application.

Crout antenna services

  • Antenna matching
  • Antenna consulting
  • Customised antennas, any type
  • IoT product feasibility studies
  • Design of IoT product prototypes
  • Designs for mass production
  • Workshops – F2F & remote
  • Antenna seminars and webinars
  • MegiQ VNA and RMS sales with hands-on training
  • Remote layout support
  • Radio certification pre-tests

These services are not limited to internal antennas. We are happy to measure antennas from any manufacturer in combination with their enclosure or special operating environment. In addition to return loss, we also offer measurement of the antenna gain in three axes to help you understand how they will perform in the field.