NFC Antennas

FPC antenna, Flex PCB antenna, Flexible Printed Circuit antenna

NFC antennas can be flexible, flat antennas that can be easily glued to the inside of a plastic enclosure. They can also be integrated into the main PCB or mounted SMD as a coil antenna

An FCB NFC antenna often consists of a flexible, thin printed circuit board made of polyamide with a structured conductive material. It can be used to develop different types of antennas. The antennas usually have a coaxial cable with a coaxial connector.

Features of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) NFC antennas

  • can be bent to be embedded in a small device such as an IoT module;
  • can be placed vertically, horizontally or coplanar with the host PCB;
  • can be bent flat or slightly curved;
  • can be supplied with different cable lengths;
  • offer an omnidirectional radiation pattern;
  • can be manufactured using standard PCB fabrication processes, making them highly reliable and reproducible antennas.