Invoice Details

In Invoices / Invoice History we explained, how you can view and download your invoices. Below we will show you how to break down further and analyze your monthly invoice. In the main menu, go to Invoice Details again.

In the lower section you will find three buttons:

  • Charges Overview
  • Invoice Overview
  • Services Breakdown

Below that you find a list with all billed SIM cards and a break down of proportionate invoice amount.

Charges Overview

Charges overview shows you, broken down by monthly fee and chosen data volume, the accumulated fees for the given period of time.

Invoice Overview

The invoice overview shows you the billed period of time for every tariff/product, as well as the corresponding total number of SIM cards. Also it’s differentiated by monthly fee and booked data plan.

Services Breakdown

In this view you see the amount of every single SIM card. On the right side (Usage) you get an itemized bill for every SIM card.

By clicking CSV above the total SIM card view you can export the data to a CSV file to further evaluate your usage.

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