Add alerts on data pools

You can easily set alerts on data pools of single SIM cards or pools of whole SIM card groups.

Navigation: SIM Card Overview

If you have tariffs respectively produced with pooled or unpooled data you will see a „donut“ in your total overview of SIM cards for every different tariff:

The „donuts“ show you how much of your pool already has been used, for every tariff seperately. By clicking +Add New Alert below the „Donuts“, you now can add an alert for that tariff.

If it is a pooled tariff, the alert happens based on the whole data pool. For SIM cards without a pooled tariff, the alert happens as soon a SIM card hits a percentage of the included data volume.

Here you can configure the warning and the alert threshold, in this case you would get a warning at 36% and an alert at 71% of your used data pool. Because it’s an alert on your whole pool, no barring of the SIM card will be performed. – Next

Next screen you can check for which alert you want to get an email – Next

As last step you can enter your email address for the email notification, as well as the name for the alert – Confirm

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