Predefined Alerts

Instead of setting alerts on single cards or setting up bulk alerts you can set predefined alerts, so freshly activated cards get that alert on activation.

Navigation: Click on the dropdown marked in yellow

Choose My Account to get to the screen where you can predefine your alerts.

Here you can configure your predefined alerts for every network seperately (if you have Telekom and Classic SIM cards). Cost alerts, as well as data alerts. The predefined alerts can be configured seperately in the Alert Manager.

Cost alerts

When a new SIM card is activated, this function adds a „Total Spend“ alert, with the previous pictured thresholds to the SIM card.

E.g.: A SIM card has an included data volume of 10 MB for Zones 1A and 2, so that its usage is calculated within its volume.

Warning Threshold: 1€
Alert Threshold: 5€
Bar Threshold: 7€

If the card uses 2 MB in Zone 3 rated at 2€ per MB there would be an additional cost of 4€. In this case the warning threshold would be triggered and an email would be sent. This applies to SMS and Voice calls as well.

In case of a data pool for Zones 1A and 2, additional cost can also apply for overage usage. As long as the data volume can be calculated inside the data pool there will be no additional charges. However, when the data pool is used up completely overage charges will apply for usage outside of the pool.

Every SIM card, which uses 1€ in that example, triggers the warning threshold alert. If 10 cards, with 10 MB included data (pool of 100 MB) build up a total usage of 150 MB the alarm will be triggered for the overage charge of 50 MB.

By using this alert cards can be identified which are not inside the pool.

Pool Alerts

If a new SIM card, with an included data volume gets activated, this function adds a so called „Bundle Usage Alert“ to the card.

E.g.: A SIM card with an included data volume of 5 MB for Zones 1A and 2.

Warning Threshold: 80%
Alert Threshold: 100%

The card uses 4 MB of data, hits the 80% and triggers the alert and an email gets send. Another email will be send at 5 MB of usage.

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