Set/Change Alerts for a single SIM card

There are two ways to set/change alerts for a single SIM card


The easiest way to set an alert for one SIM card is to navigate to the landing page.

Step 1: Click the red „Bell“ icon

Now you get one of two views.

Existing alerts

Or setting up a new alert

Step 2: When setting up a new alert follow the steps to add a new alert.

Alert Types are as follows:

Total ChargesOverall value of all calls
Voice ChargesOverage value of Voice calls
Voice Charges (Overage)Unbundled usage of Voice calls
Voice Charges (All)Total usage of all Voice calls
Data ChargesOverage value of Data calls
Data Charges (Overage)Unbundled usage of Data calls
Data Charges (All)Total usage of all Data calls
Event ChargesOverage value of Event calls
Event Charges (Overage)Unbundled usage of Event calls
Event Charges (All)Total usage of all Event calls


Navigation: Admin Tools – Alert Manager

Here you see all alerts you already defined

To add a new alert, click on Add New Alert

A new window opens with two different drop down menus. The first one shows your SIM cards for which the alert should be established.

The second drop down shows which type of alert you want to set.

Following alert types are available:

  • Data Alerts
  • Event (SMS) Alerts
  • Voice Alerts

All alerts can be set on overall data/voice/event usage, overage usage for data/voice/event or even the overall charges for data/voice/event.

Above all you can set an alert for total charges over all three services combined.

The alert type Data Usage (All) should be applicable for most M2M usage scenarios, if you want to monitor the total data usage of your SIM cards.

This example shows how to set up an alert for Data Usage (All).

Step 1 & 2: After you chose your card and the alert type you set up your thresholds.

  • Warning Threshold: 1st notification
  • Alert Threshold: 2nd notification
  • Bar Threshold: Card gets suspended until the 1st of the next month

Step 3: For which threshold you want to receive an email?

Step 4: In the next window you can enter the email address to get the alerts, enter a name for the alert and enter a brief description of the alert. – Confirm

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