Activate SIM cards in bulk

Navigation: Self Service – Connect SIMs

Step 1 & 2: Choose tariff and APN (see Activate SIM Card)

Step 3: In the next screen with the SIM cards you’ll find a field to enter a list (comma seperated) of SIM card numbers (marked in yellow)

The comma seperated list now filters the cards to be activated from all the other SIM cards.

E.g. If you enter the card number 31635967769 only that number will be shown. Enter 31635967769, 31635967770 and only thos two cards will be shown.

If you now click on the blue + button all filtered cards will be marked for activation – Next

Remark: To use this function properly you should choose a reasonable amount (100-200) of cards (fair use policy), to give other customers also a chance to activate SIM cards.

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