Active SIM Cards

After you login, this is the first view you get.

There are two major improvements for that few:

  1. Additional to ICCID and MSISDN you’ll now see now the eID, in case you have eSIMS at your disposal.
  2. The last column (coloured buttons) is not available anymore, to get more space for the
    SIM card data. You can now just click on the SIM card line to open a SIM details view. There you’ll find the colored buttons to handle SIM specific operations, and many more information regarding that specific SIM.

Just like before, here you can see all cards in following states:

  • Active: Card is active
  • Suspended: Card was suspended/barred, either manually or automatically due to an alert, the card only produces the monthly fee, but no overage charges. The card can be unbarred by you yourself
  • Switched-Off: Card was deactivated in the current month and it will be invoice the last time. Reactivating the cards needs our attention. The card changes the state to Cooldown itself, once the next bill run has been finished.

When searching you can define, which network you are searching:

  • Crout Classic – The classic cards from Aspider
  • Crout KE – eSIM cards with different profiles
  • Deutsche Telekom

You will only see networks, which are aplicable for you!

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