Add/Remove Bolt-Ons

In Aspider you had to contact us to add additional features like voice services, zoning, etc. In CCC you can perform these changes yourself!

Following additional services are available:

  • Voice Services Sprachdienste (national and international)
  • SMS (outgoing (MT) und inbound (MO))
  • CLIP (Call Line Identification Presentation)
  • CLIR (Call Line Identification Restriction)
  • CSD (national and international)
  • Zoning (the pricing of the different zones are in your individual contract)

The internal products and the corresponding zones are as follows:

ASP DE Zone 1A/2Zones 1A + 2
ASP DE Data and VoiceZones 1A + 1B + 2
Germany Zone 1A/1B/2/USAZones 1A + 1B + 2 + 2 (Networks in the US)
ASP DE Data PremiumZones 1 – 6
ASP DE Data InternationalZones 1 – 9

Hint: Only the contractual defined options are visible to you.

Navigation: Self Service – Add/Remove Bolt-Ons

Step 1: Choose the desired additional feature(s) you want to add to your card(s) – Next

Step 2: Choose the SIM cards for which you want to add the feature(s) by activating the slide bars – Next

Hint: By pressing the button (<>) you can invert the whole selection of cards.

Step 3: On the next page you can review all details of the changes you are about to make. If everything is ok – Confirm & Complete

Please be aware that changing of the zones can by very expensive. Several network operators, especially in exotic countries are in zones 6 to 9. Before changing the zones, please talk to us to ensure you won’t get an unpleasent surprise at the end of the month.

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