All SIM Cards

Here you’ll find all of your cards, regardless of network and/or state.

Of course you can filter this view by network and/or status.

Description of the states:

  • Active: Card is active
  • Suspended: Card was suspended/barred, manually or due to an alert
  • Cooldown: Card was deactivated, no further costs apply
  • Assigned: Card has never been activated and is ready for activation
  • eSIM only! – Activation Ready: Card hasn’t been activated and activates itself on first usage
  • Switched off: Card was deactivated, but hasn’t fully billed (switches to Cooldown as soon as the following bill run is finished)

Die Netze im einzelnen:

  • Crout Classic – Our classic Aspider SIMs
  • Crout KE – eSIMs with different profiles
  • Deutsche Telekom

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