Remove bar after automatic suspension

If a SIM card gets suspended due to an alert, you can resume the card again following these steps:

Navigation: Serlf Service – Add/Remove Bars

  1. Choose Bar Code „AS_ALERT_BAR“ (The „Set To“ value is automatically set to „Off“ gesetzt) – Next
  2. Choose card(s) – Next
  3. Review changes – Confirm & Complete

Attentuion: After removing of the alert bar the card is usable indefinitely for the rest of the month. That’s whys it’s recommended to set a new (higher) alert for the given SIM card or check the current usage regularly.

Note: Don’t mix up an automatic bar due to an alert with the manual suspension of a SIM card. An automatic bar can’t be removed by the regular suspension flag „AS_SUS_MSISDN“!

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