Changes due to migration

Migration von Alarmen:

From the „old“ Aspider Inside system you are used to following alerting rules:

You could change the alerts on customer level for data, SMS and voice usage, and additionaly a suspension alert.

In CCC there are way more granular options to set up alerts. (see article 1, 2, 3 and 4). Here we will explain what changes are performed during the migration process, due to the fact that the source and target system don’t offer the same options/capabilities.

One major change is that you don’t define alerts on customer level anymore, instead you can set up different alerts for every SIM card:

In CCC you have on SIM card level a Warning threshold, an Alert threshold and a Bar threshold.


  • The customer alerts from the source system will apply to all active SIM cards in CCC
  • The suspension alerts will always be applied to the Bar threshold in CCC
  • In CCC all thresholds have to be populated to apply the Bar threshold
  • To apply the warning and alert thresholds we have to apply a specific set of rules in case only one or two alerts were set in Aspider
  • We applied the smallest alert value from Aspider to the Warning threshold in CCC, and the largest value into Alert threshold in CCC. (The value in the middle got dropped)
  • If a customer had only one alert or the same value for all three alerts we applied following rule: We applied the value into the Alert threshold and half of that valued is applied to the Warning threshold. Therefore it is possible that there are new alerts which didn’t exist in Aspider.
  • Alerts on voice services in CCC work in minutes, in Aspider there are seconds, we calculated these accordingly.

Hint: Please check your alerts after the migration. In case of discrepancies we will assist you in correcting them!

Hinweis: Bitte überprüfen Sie nach der Migration Ihre Alarme auf SIM-Kartenebene. Falls es migrationsbedingte Unstimmigkeiten gibt, unterstützen wir Sie gerne bei der Korrektur Ihrer Alarme!

You can view your alerts in the alert manager:
Navigation: Admin Tools – Alert Manager

You can also update your alerts by uploading a CSV, described here.

Migration of sub-customers and SIM card names

CCC no more has a sub-customer function, like you may know it from Aspide


  • We migrated all your SIM cards, as well as all SIM cards which were assigned to one of your sub-customers into CCC
  • The information which card belongs to which of your sub-customers is not lost. We migrated this information into the free text field of every SIM card
  • Furthermore we migrated the SIM card name from Aspider in the same field, seperated by „|“
  • The CCC free form field is filled as follows:
    „Name of the sub-customer | SIM card name“
  • We had to shorten that value for <10 SIM cards due to the max length of 80 characters of the free text field

In the example the migration result would look like this:

31635967769: „| GPS Tracker Georg“ 
31635707270: „| Test“ 
31635707566: „| device2device test“ 
31635707567: „| device2device test“ 
31635707568: „| device2device test“ 
3197004576315: „| Test SIM / Fahrrad“
31635707175: „Clewing-Sub | Test“

You can see the content of that field in your SIM card overview and you can change it, as shown here.

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