Improved Navigation

Loging in for the first time, the new and improved header pops out.

The menues in detail:

  • Active SIM Cards: In this view you will see your active cards, your barred/suspended cards, as well as SIM cards deactivated in the current month
  • All SIM Cards: Here you find all your cards, no matter in what state they are
  • Self Service: Here are all processes regarding SIM card management
  • Invoice Details
  • Report Generator
  • Admin Tools: User and alert management

The composition of some menues has been improved as well. The yellow indicated
admin functions are only available for Admin Users and will not be described in
detail in this article.

Connect ICCIDs – activate Crout Classic SIM cards
Connect KE ICCIDs – activate eSIM cards manually

Menu: Report Generator
Menu: Admin Tools, greyed out options are only available for adminstrators

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