Setting up a new device

Here we show you a quick and easy way on how to setup and start-up a new device with our SIM cards.

APN Configuration

To start it is necessary to configure one or more Crout APNs on your device. The APN (Access Point Node) defines in which mobile network the device is able to establish a data connection. Furthermore there is a connection between APN, the IP address distribution and the available security measures.

There are a few, so-called „shared APNs“, available – free-of-charge. These APNs are used by most of our customers. Alternatively you can get a paid, so called „private APN“, which are exclusively for one customer. They provide a secure, encrypted VPN connection to your infrastructure.

Our cards are roaming cards, please make sure there is „roaming“ enabled on your device.

SIM Card:

Secondly you have to put the card in your device, and activate it via our Crout Control Center (CCC).

Activation of a SIM Card:

The activation of your SIM card(s) is processed inside Crout Control Center (CCC), in which you have access and find all assigned SIM cards.

In CCC it is possible to manage SIM cards from different providers, as well as to manage different contracts for each of your customers. You also find your contractual assigned products for billing, as well as the usage profile for your cards.

To activate one or more SIM cards you have to choose from different parameters:


NetworkOption from different network providers (DT=Deutsche Telekom / AS=Kore/ASPIDER)
Contract Every customer has one contract. In the future it will be possible to assign the cards to seperate contracts. (Note: Seperate contracts will allow it to bill for every contract/customer (e.g. different branches or departments)
ProductCustomers can agree on different products/tariffs. You can choose the product on activation. Different products with different included data, regional coverage or different roaming partners.
APN(s) Access Point Node: See description above
SIM CardsOf course you have to choose the cards you want to activate.

Cost Control:

To have full control of your costs there are many possibilities to set alerts. In CCC you can set different alerts, e.g. for total usage, or unbilled cost on SIM card level as well as on the whole pool, so you don’t experience any surprises when getting our invoice. Those options are described on another place.

The following illustration shows the connection between customer, contract, account, invoice and SIM card:

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