Ticketing in CCC

The approach in CCC is slightly different as you know it from Aspider Inside.

Every action you perform, creates a ticket in CCC. For starters the tickets get processed manually by us to eliminate any errors. Later we will automate most of the processes.

Actions which create a ticket:

  • Create User
  • Creating Reporting Groups
  • Activate, deactivate and suspend SIM cards
  • Change of SIM card name
  • Add/Remove Bolt-Ons
  • Change tariffs
  • Add/Remove APN

Furtermore you can create a ticket manually, like this:

Navigation: Get Help

In the popup you can specify your issue/question.

By clicking the dropdown menu

you’ll get an overview of all your tickets.

By clicking View all my tickets you get a more detailled view of all your tickets.

The columns read as follows:

  • Ticket number – #123
  • Status – The status of your tickets
  • From – Ticket creator
  • Usage Category – Internal code of the request
  • Subject
  • Raised – Opening date of the tickets
  • Updated
  • „Eye“ – Details for the ticket

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