Workshops remote and at your office

Crout classroom session

How the Crout team will help you:

  • We suggest the purchase of the IoT M2M Cookbook by Harald Naumann, reading the book provides a sound baseline within your design team.
  • Project kickoff meeting, remote by telephone or video call.  Duration is approximately 4 hours working time plus preparation and follow-up.
  • Preparation of a blank PCB with a candidate antenna in proposed enclosure. Often also with the radio module and USB cable for live testing.
  • Measurement of the Radiation Pattern in 3 axes (recommended option)
  • Delivery of the documentation including Gerber Files
  • Your team implement our recommended design with all components
  • Design review by the Crout team or hands-on support of the development by phone, video call or e-mail
  • Production of prototypes and matching of the antenna by our team
  • Budget for 10 further versions to reach a final design
  • Measurement of the PCB and re-matching of the antenna
  • Pre-tests for radio certification in our laboratory and in the test laboratory
  • Possible adjustment of the matching network and worst-Case modification of the PCB (this is very rare) to meet CE RED/FCC standards
  • Radio certification of the device supervised at test centre by the Crout team. We are always in the room during the measurements and check whether the measurements are correctly made in the test laboratory. Measurement errors lead to a negative test report, we have the confidence to challenge the test engineers should this be necessary.

If required, we can take over the development from prototype (pre-production) all the way through to radio certification, in this case the software development remains with the customer. If required, we can put together the “all-round carefree package” and develop the hardware plus firmware, plus software on the server and app on the smartphone.

Since we have extensive experience with NB-IoT projects and development of antennas, we would like to guide and support your project and we are happy to make you a commercial offer. We need a sketch or drawing of the case with dimensions to be able to estimate the size of the board. If the board is too small compared to the wavelength of the lowest frequency, the development costs will increase as will need to use techniques such as LPD to achieve success. In the worst case, where no antenna can support the application in this format we will tell you and discuss ways to change your design to achieve success.