IoT Crout LwM2M


IoT Crout Device Management lets your ops teams deploy new IoT solutions and identify issues quicker than ever. Based on open standards, we do offer a highly scalable platform for complete device lifecycle management.

Save money on device configuration

An intuitive graphical user interface makes device bootstrapping and device configuration easier than ever. Auto-discovery features enable rapid device onboarding – IoT Crout DM automatically detects device capabilities and shows them in the GUI. This saves you money and speeds up time-to-market.

Ensure device security with FOTA

Perform FOTA and SOTA upgrades at the optimal time without overloading constrained devices. The FOTA process is scalable and you can plan its execution, so that your deployment will never short circuit.

Keep an eye on your operations

Use IoT Crout maintenance and anomaly detection mechanisms to quickly identify and solve any operational issues automatically before they lead to more critical or complex failures.

Connect your devices to Azure and AWS

Device management and data analytics services offered by cloud hyperscalers are mostly based on transfer and power-consuming protocols such as MQTT or HTTP. This is not an ideal scenario for many IoT deployments, which use devices constrained in terms of energy consumption and processing power. IoT Crout offers you connectors to Azure and AWS clouds via the LwM2M protocol. Use these services more effectively and focus on business applications of your IoT projects.

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